Sermon 5/15/2022 – Holy Land Village Lights and the 21st Century Church, Pastor Barry S. Dilworth

Matthew 5:13-16

Holy Land Village Lights and the 21st Century Church

Introduction: When salt is applied to a substance, it dissolves inward and disappears.  The salt speaks of the inward part, the character of a Christian.  But Jesus described His people as being like light, which is on the outside, always apparent.  The light speaks of the testimony a follower of Christ is to have, revealing and illuminating the truth.

As we consider these verses about the testimony of a believer, let’s consider three little words: who, what and how.

  • Who
  • What

                1. The foolishness of concealed light.

                2. The faithfulness of courageous light

                3. The forcefulness of collective light

  • How

Final Thought: God shinning through you will be automatic, and people will be naturally attracted to the light, just as a man in darkness is drawn to a candle.